Salam Childrens Home.

Salam Childrens Home.

Salam Children’s Home

SEVEN 2446 is a financial doner to The Wauchope Rotary Club-working with Canggu Rotary Club, Bali, on a long term Australian International Partnership Project to renovate the Salam Children’s Home.  Spear headed by the amazing Paul and Suzanne Pollett this project has been ongoing for a number of years and continues with 2 or more trips per year to assist in funding, managing and physically completing building projects. 

Salam Children’s Home is a school & home for children whose parents cannot afford to feed & clothe them. These parents are usually tenant farmers with other children & are Bali’s poorest of the poor. 

Paul has  assisted the school in building four new toilet & shower facilities attached to sleeping barracks & an additional septic tank. The previous toilets were old, unsanitary, dilapidated & some distance from the sleeping barracks which was a serious issue during the night time & during the frequent rainfall. 

Paul, Suzanne and a fellow Wauchope Rotarian, George Campbell, assisted in rebuilding a retaining wall damaged in recent earthquakes.  It also shows some of the care packs children at the home received including basic hygiene and educational items.  These provide students with pens, pencils, scissors and other educational tools to facilitate learning and allow the girls to attend school without monthly disruptions due to a lack of sanitary products.  

If you are planning a trip to Bali and would like to help Paul and Suzanne deliver supplies or donate some time to help out in the Salam Children’s Home please contact Wauchope Rotary for more details.


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