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butter me up! – our butter chicken

Meaning prepared in butter (ghee)

Originating from Delhi but adopted and westernised by the British.

Mild and sweet with a moorish flavour, this curry will have you licking the bowl clean.

Butter Chicken is generally peoples first introduction to Indian cuisine due to its mildness, but don’t let that discount this as an authentic curry, this blend contains 17 therapeutic whole and ground spices and deserves its place as a family staple.


Cooking/Serving suggestions

• For a more authentic flavour use ghee — it is the butter in Butter Chicken.

• Most popularly prepared with chicken, however, can be easily transformed into a creative vegetarian dish by using any desired vegetables or plant based product.

• Add chilli if heat is desired

• Serve with chopped coriander to taste

• Veggie option suggestion – roast zucchini, sweet potato, cauliflower.

• Serve with pappadums or roti to scoop up the delicious curry sauce.