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Before ordering, please ensure you have read the description carefully as well as our terms & conditions in relation to pre-orders, damages and returns, please also note due to the difference between monitors or screens, pictures may not represent the exact colour tones**

A lot of thought and love has gone into our Willow & Beech ‘Essentials Collection’. When creating these pieces we wanted to find a balance between simplicity and detail, a versatile piece that could be layered for effect, yet also look striking alone. When creating these pieces we had in mind a crisp, charming piece that would add a tranquil and ethereal touch to a room. We have worked carefully with artisans, sticking within our signature Willow & Beech Collection colour palette and design roots, to create this collection. Each Individual piece of our Willow & Beech Collection is 100% lovingly handmade on a loom by incredible Indian artisans. This collection is designed to be interchangeable and for each piece to compliment one another to create a harmonious flow throughout your room or home.

Our Nirvana 45x45cm Cushion is handloomed from 100% crisp stark white Cotton. It is elegantly adorned with tasselling around all four edges with 2 extra layers of tasseling banded across the front. This cushion was designed as a luxe decorative cushion to accompany our Nirvana Basic Cushion, and suits both our Nirvana and Serenity Throws. Layer with our Nirvana Throw & Nirvana Basic Cushions for an extra luxe touch.
Our cushions all come filled with zip back closure.

Please note: Variations are to be treated as property of handmade