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Turkish Delight Natural Perfume

Made with a blend of the most beautiful essential oils. I have been making this perfume for myself for years and it is one of my favourite natural perfumes. With natural perfume you do have to apply twice a day and the staying power of this perfume is quite good and will last at least 5 hours or longer. You will still smell it on your clothing the next day but it is not an overpowering perfume. That being said it is not a weak perfume either, I would say it has the perfect balance of strength. The smell is amazing, it smells divine like when you open a packet of Turkish delight that sweet sugary floral scent. The perfect blend of floral and sweet but with a depth of elegance and mystery. 
I always get complements when I wear this perfume. 


Handcrafted on our farm in Coffs Harbour Australia.